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Do Plumbers Also Service and Repair Boilers?

You expect your boiler to work properly 24/7/365, especially with the rather unpredictable weather in Britain. In fact, you probably just take it for granted, thinking that it will provide heat every time you need it to. So, if it breaks down all of a sudden, you just find yourself worried, frustrated, and definitely uncomfortable. […]

Does House Insurance Cover Boiler Repairs UK?

Boiler Repair

Info Provided by Hydro Plumbers Hastings: When winter months kick in, it’s time for your boiler to be working full time all over again. It can run for several hours every day as it works hard to make sure that your house stays warm with enough hot water supply when nights turn chilly. But, with […]

How Much Does Boiler Repair Cost in UK?

Boiler Fix Hastings

Unless something breaks, you probably won’t realize how inconvenient your life would be without it. Many of you probably just take your everyday household appliances for granted, including central heating appliances like your boiler. People are often caught off-guard when their boiler breaks down all of a sudden with no gradual signs of wear and […]