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Does Renters Insurance Cover Plumbing Issues UK?

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Renters insurance covers any water damage that is the result of common scenarios you might experience if you are a tenant, like a water discharge or accidental overflows. But, renters insurance policies normally don’t cover damage due to backed up sewage or flood damage.

It is also important to remember that renters insurance will only cover your damaged property. Building maintenance will still be the responsibility of your landlord while your responsibility is to maintain your personal belongings and living space. It means that if plumbing issues occur, you are not obliged to replace the pipes. But, you will be responsible for the replacement of your personal damaged property. Call plumbers out immediately if you have a plumbing emergency.

Steam/Water Overflow or Accidental Discharge

This problem refers to steam or water that circulates through your house as the result of the usual daily use. The water should be in the plumbing system that includes an automatic fire sprinkler system. It can also be part of your air conditioning or heating. Burst pipes are not the only ones covered but also household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Renters insurance policy usually covers accidental discharge as well as sudden tearing apart, bulging, cracking, and burning. The policy might not include damage to the appliance or system that discharged the steam  or water. It might also exclude damage due to fungi or mold growth due to water damage.

Frozen Water

Ice, sleet, or snow’s weight on the building that can cause damages to the property within is also covered. It normally means the ice that somehow broke through the walls or roof.

This coverage also applies to water that circulates in the HVAC system, household appliances, or plumbing in your home. If the water turns frozen and causes loss or damage to your belongings, you will be reimbursed by your renters insurance provider.

Remember that if the house is under construction or you weren’t staying in the house during the time that the damage occurred, there are renters insurance companies that might only consider a frozen water damage as a peril they will cover if you took the necessary precautions for heat maintenance in your building or if you got rid of the water from your systems and appliances.

Toilet Flooding

Your renters insurance policy will cover property damage from your flooded toilet due to accidental discharge or overflow. But, the policy might not cover these costs if you just allow your toilet to clog until it has overflowed and end up ruining the floor. If your toilet has clogged all of a sudden and the water has overflowed and damaged some of your belongings, filing for renters insurance claim allows you to replace the damaged belongings.

Although the damages to your apartment are irrelevant to the personal property protection of your insurance, you might still need to file for renters insurance liability claim. If the floor of your apartment is damage because of the overflow, your landlord might file a lawsuit against you for the damage repair costs. If this happens, the renters insurance will pay for legal costs even when you lost the case. It can also pay for damages you caused to the rented property if you were found liable.