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Things to Do In Hastings UK


Things to Do In Hastings UK

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There are two things that are associated with the bustling town of Hastings in East Sussex – 1066 and the sea. Hastings is among the medieval Cinque Ports that has a long-standing close connection with the ocean. Despite the decline of its fishing industry, Hastings remains to be one of the biggest beach-launched fishing fleet of Europe.

The famous 1066 battle didn’t actually take place in Hastings because the exact spot is at Battle Abbey that is still several miles down the road.

But, the entire town is still enshrouded with its legacy and remnants of the first English castle of William the Conqueror remain standing to this day although all those years of erosion and warfare already took their toll.

Today, Hastings offers its visitors with exciting things to do and try and some of these are the following:

Enjoy Entertainment Like No Other in Blackmarket VIP

Blackmarket VIP is a live music bar and venue located in Hastings Old Town. While Hastings is perceived as a sleepy town by the sea, especially compared to the neighbouring Brighton just down the coast, its buzzing music scene is worthy to check out. The regular events in Blackmarket VIP make it an intimate venue hosting all types of gigs.

Travel Down Memory Lane in Hastings Castle

The gorgeous remains of the Norman Hastings Castle overlook the whole town of Hastings. The castle may no longer have its former glory yet its historic significance is definitely there. Constructed during Britain’s Norman Conquest, the establishment of the castle is critical enough to be depicted in Bayeux Tapestry. It is worth a visit because even though you might not be a big fan of history, you will love the breathtaking view from the top.

Admire Contemporary Art in Jerwood Gallery

Jerwood Gallery is an aesthetically pleasing building that houses an extraordinary contemporary art collection. The Jerwood Collection includes renowned British artists like Sickert and Lowry as a part of the permanent collection. It also hosts many brilliantly curated changing shows. Even the building itself is already a wonderful sight to behold. It boasts of shiny tiled exterior that reflects all the nearby waves from Hastings Beach and rocky cliffs.

Bask in Peace at Old Roar Gill

Old Roar Gill is wooded enclosure that has its very own waterfalls. The nature reserve houses numerous rare animals and flowers, some of which are exclusively found in the UK. This is where you can enjoy a peaceful walk along the babbling waters with two hidden waterfalls off the beaten track. If you crave some action after the calmness, you can try axe throwing or archery at the 1066 Target Sports nearby.

Experience Adrenaline Rush at Smugglers Adventure

Smugglers Adventure is a museum about smuggling’s rise and fall built in the underground caverns. If you are craving for a full experience ala Indiana Jones, it’s time for you to head to the underground corridors that the smugglers once used armed with a torch to help you find your way. You will also learn about those who put their life at risk just to earn a meagre amount on the black market. The chapel is apparently the town’s most haunted place.