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Famous People From & Lived In Hastings, UK

Sheila Kaye Smith   Oct 1922 Harpers

Elizabeth Blackwell 1821-1910

She was the first qualified female doctor who was also a professor of Gynaecology in London. She lived in Hastings from 1870 to 1910.

Teilhard De Chardin


He was a man interested in the evolution of life forms. As a French theologian who was based in the Jesuit College at Ore from 1908 to 1912, he clashed with clergy and this only grew over time. Regardless, he went on with his studies of local fossils. He was also entangled with the Piltdown controversy.


She was born in Saint Leonards, was the daughter of a doctor, and also lived in Dane Road. She was married in 1924. But her contribution to society was her novels. The topic and settings of which revolved around Sussex countryside all the way to Hastings and Rye.

Grey Owl


He was born in Saint James Road, Hastings back in 1888. By the age of 17, he emigrated to Canada to work as a trapper for several years. This lifestyle made him accustomed to the lifestyle of Native Americans and took the name of Grey Owl but his real name is Archibald Belaney. In 1920, he stopped his career in trapping and instead went the other way to become a conservationist. He helped the Canadian National Parks in their efforts. Later in 1935 and 1937, he went back to his hometown of Hastings to give two lectures.

Sir Arthur Wellesley


He went to war as the commander of the British troops against Napoleon during the Peninsular War. He was also later named hero of Waterloo then subsequently int 1814, the Duke of Wellington. In 1806, Hastings was his home as he lived in High Street until he got married to Lady Catherine Packenham. In the same year, he was later elected as a member of the Parliament of Rye.

George Monger

VC 1840-1887

His military career began as a drummer boy for the 23rd Regiment (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) where he was sent to India. This is where he won his first VC in 1857 during the Siege of Lucknow at the age of 17. After his military life, he went back to Hastings with his wife and lived in Tower Road, St Leonards until his death in 1887.

Marianne North


If you’ve ever been to the North Gallery of Kew Gardens, you may stumble upon the paintings there. Marianne North was the woman responsible for those. She was a Victorian traveler and artist. She was born at Sacred Heart School which was called Hastings Lodge back in 1830. This was she lived until the death of her father in 1869.

MariRobert Noonan (Robert Tressell)


Robert Noonan was the author of “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists”. He wrote this piece when he lived in Hastings from 1902 to 1910. He lived briefly in South Africa before settling permanently in Hastings, UK where he created many masterpieces. He was quite a talented individual as he wrote songs and he painted. Samples of his work can be found at St Andrews and St Johns Churches. Then two more can be found at Val Musical and Cadena Cafe at White Rock.

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