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Gas Safety Certificates in Hastings

Gas Safe Registered Installers TN34 Hastings

At Hydro Plumbers Hastings, we recognize the utmost importance of gas safety in homes across the TN33, TN34, and TN35 areas. We are dedicated to providing top-notch heating services, including central heating maintenance. Having an annual landlord gas safety check in Hastings and securing a landlord gas safety certificate in Hastings (often referred to as a CP12) is not only a best practice but a legal necessity for every landlord. This crucial step ensures your gas installations and appliances, including central heating systems, are functioning securely and efficiently.

Our qualified gas safe engineers, who are also skilled Hastings plumbers, come with vast experience in conducting gas safety inspection and handing out certificates in the Hastings area. Whether it’s a boiler service and gas safety inspection or more extensive plumbing and heating tasks, we are committed to ensuring a hassle-free process for all landlords.

Keeping the safety of your tenants in mind and staying legally compliant are paramount duties of a landlord. We aid you in addressing these critical responsibilities, especially when it comes to gas safety. Every landlord must have all their gas appliances checked once a year and obtain a gas safety certificate to avoid any legal hassles.

Gas Safe Registered Installers Hastings East Sussex
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With Hydro Plumbers Hastings, you can expect:

Gas Safe Registered Installers Hastings
Hastings East Sussex Gas Safe Registered Installers

Stay ahead of potential hefty fines from the HSE that can surge up to £6,000 by ensuring you secure your landlord gas safety certificate in Hastings annually. And don’t forget, for an extra £10, you can avail of our special package deals!

Don’t put it off – get in touch with us today to book your annual gas safety check!

Why Annual Gas Safety
Checks are Critical


There are many important reasons why regular gas safety checks and obtaining an updated Gas Safety Certificate each year is so critical:

It's the Law

 Gas safety certificates are a legal requirement under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Non-compliance can land you hefty fines of up to £6,000 per property.

Prevent Gas Leaks

Undetected gas leaks can cause poisoning, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Our engineers check for any leaks as standard.

Detect Faulty Appliances

We thoroughly inspect all gas appliances for any issues that could affect their safe operation. This helps prevent dangerous failures.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Our engineers check for adequate ventilation for gas appliances. Lack of ventilation can cause a build up of dangerous gases.

Hastings Gas Safe Registered Installers
Gas Safe Registered Installers East Sussex TN34 Hastings

Give Tenants Peace of Mind

Tenants will feel more comfortable and reassured knowing all gas appliances have been professionally inspected and deemed safe.

Avoid Costly Emergency Repairs

Detecting issues early prevents more expensive emergency repairs if appliances were to fail or leak gases.

Remain Compliant with Regulations

As well as law, your lease agreements with tenants will likely require annual gas safety checks. We help you tick all the boxes.

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What Does Our Gas Safety Inspection Include in Hastings and Surrounding Areas?


Our fully qualified heating engineers conduct an extremely thorough inspection of your entire gas system and all gas appliances. This includes:

Checking Pipework


We check all internal and external gas pipework for any damage, wear and tear or leaks that could be hazardous. Our work carried is of the highest standard, ensuring the safety of your appliances.

East Sussex Hastings Registered Installers Gas Safe
Gas Safe Hastings Registered Annual Gas Safety Check

Testing Appliances


All gas appliances, including the boiler (but please note other specific appliances as well), are tested for proper function, fueling, ventilation and carbon monoxide leaks that could put occupants at risk. One of our trained gas engineers will ensure your appliances are safe to use.

Inspecting Meters


Our engineers will inspect your gas meter, ensuring its gas safe registration, and associated pipework for any issues with fitment or leaks.

Gas Safe Hastings Registered Flexible Scheduling
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Reviewing Documentation


We review any existing documentation on your gas system to ensure work history, landlord certificate, and compliance is up to date. This is especially crucial for those letting properties or with a commercial property.

Issuing Reports & Certificates


Once satisfied your system is safe, we issue a full report on our findings and a new Gas Safety Certificate valid for 12 months, a critical requirement for certificates Hastings.

Gas Safe Hastings Registered Certificates
Gas Safe Hastings Registered faq

Providing Maintenance Advice


If any repairs or further maintenance is required, such as boiler repairs, we clearly advise you on recommended actions to remain compliant and ensure heating and hot water systems are optimal.

Flexible Scheduling


Inspections are scheduled at times convenient for you and your tenants, including the postal zones TN33 TN34 TN35. We work evenings and weekends and give 21 days notice where possible.

Hiring Hydro Plumbers Hastings ensures no stone is left unturned, and you are not likely to land in any troubles when it comes to the critical gas safety of your rental property.

Gas Safe Registered Installers East Sussex Hastings

How To Book Your
Annual Gas Safety Check


Booking your combined service and gas safety certificate with us is easy and straight-forward. Follow these steps:

  • 1. Call Us Today

    Phone our office. We are open 6 days a week. Our helpful staff can provide a free, no-obligation quote and answer any enquiry.

  • 2. Choose a Time

    With priority service in mind, we'll find a time suitable for you and your tenants and schedule in the inspection.

  • 3. Grant Access

    We need access to all gas appliances. We recommend informing tenants of time/date. We can also contact them directly.

Gas Safe Registered Installers Hastings TN34

And that’s it! One of our gas safe qualified engineer will arrive on time, conduct the inspection, and provide you with a new Gas Safety Certificate valid for 12 months. We’ll also email you a full breakdown of our findings. If any repairs are urgently required, we can often complete them during the same visit to save you time and money.

For complete peace of mind regarding gas safety compliance for your rental property, look no further than Hydro Plumbers Hastings. Get in touch today!

FAQs on Gas Safety Certificates


We understand you probably have many questions about the legal requirements for landlords regarding gas safety. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

How often do I need a new gas safety certificate?

Gas safety certificates must be renewed every 12 months without fail to remain legally compliant. We can handle this for you.

What appliances need inspecting?

All gas appliances must be inspected – including boilers, gas fires, cookers and hobs. As well as associated pipework.

Do I need a certificate for appliances I don't use?

Yes, all gas appliances in a rental property must be inspected annually, even if currently unused.

What if my tenant refuses access?

You are still legally responsible for ensuring access. We recommend informing tenants well in advance.

Gas Safe Hastings Registered Maintenance Advice
Gas Safe Hastings Registered Installers TN34

What if an issue is found during inspection?

We will advise you on the necessary repairs and can often complete them promptly during the same visit.

How much do your gas safety inspections cost?

Our prices are competitive, with no hidden fees. We provide quotes upfront with full breakdown of costs.

How soon after inspection is the certificate issued?

Certificates are issued on the same day as the inspection and emailed directly to you for your records. Get in touch with any additional questions. We are happy to help!

Trust Hydro Plumbers Hastings
for Your Gas Safety Needs

Here at Hydro, we appreciate that keeping rental properties legally compliant and gas safe is a priority yet can also be a headache for landlords.That’s why we aim to provide an efficient, thorough, friendly service you can rely on. Our Gas Safe registered engineers have extensive experience conducting safety inspections across Hastings. We know how important peace of mind is for both you and your tenants when it comes to gas safety. Our comprehensive checks and same day certification provide exactly that.

Don’t run the risk of non-compliance. Get in touch with us at Hydro to arrange your annual gas safety inspection today. We can answer any questions and provide a competitive quote. Your tenants’ safety and your legal obligations as a landlord are things you can’t afford to neglect. Trust us to handle your gas compliance needs – and breathe easy!

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